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  • Kobrizsa Ádám

Helping organisations, bussinesses


Groups, teams, organizations and firms. They all have one thing in common: there is a multitude of group members and it can always work better. We listen, help manage processes, point to the human dynamics involved and work together with our partners to make urban planning projects more efficient and more creative.

Event planning

Event planning at Mindspace is a colorful exercise as we are active in organizing camps for underprivileged children, professional programs and many more. We have overseen the planning of a three-day festival at the Rákóczi square market hall and operate a community breakfast at the same location weekly. We do street suppers, workshops on conscious living, presentations, professional gatherings as well as city walking tours. All the same, inventing something brand new in the realm of events is to our greatest delight.

Community building

Essentially, community building is at the core of each of our activities. We seek and track the power that is had by real contact beyond the online universe. The question is how contact can be established and sustainably maintained in respectful, human ways. Be it between kids, seniors, students or neighbours, there is something for everyone at our events. Should we foray into unchartered territory, we keep listening so that we can find our place and learn how to manage relations in an organic fashion.


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